Feb 20, 2009

Carsen and Pops!

Carsen LOVES his Granddad, Pops. 

Carsen at 9 months

Carsen at 3 months

Carsen at 1 month

Feb 2, 2009

My "Mr. Happy" is 8 Months...

My little guy is changing so much every day.  His baby face is slowly disappearing. He's becoming a little boy.  It's sad and AWESOME all at the same time.   His latest thing is the teeth (he has 6 now). He doesn't know what they are. He makes these funny faces like he's chomping on something... and he's not.  He lights up every moment of my day.  The noises that come out of his mouth are hilarious. His vocabulary consist of ba ba, da da, goo, mmmm, and occasionally a ma. The singing never stops. It's so funny to see him try and figure things out. You can just see his mind working constantly.  

This is Carsen eating on an apple with a teething bag. He loves it. His shirt says "Mr. Happy"

Carsen is always getting into something... you can't take your eyes off of him for a second.

Our road trip to Arkansas. His shirt definitely says it all!