Apr 18, 2011

Couples Retreat 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my neighborhood and neighbors? They have become my family away from home. This year we decided to get a little crazy and take a trip together without kids. Only 5 couples were able to go and we had the BEST time. T and I headed down a day early to spend time with my Mom before we left the kids with her. {That will be a whole separate blog.} Anyway, we had a fun filled packed adventure. There was never a dull moment. Follow along the pictures as I will tell you all about it. Ha! Ha!

The house was called Lazy Lane Lodge. It had 4 master bedrooms and a private loft. The lake views were awesome. It also had a wrap around deck with hot tub and fire pit. Overall it was a great house. The owners... not so much. Ugh!

The girls had a spa day planned while the guys played golf. First stop, the Arlington Hotel for "brunch" which really was lunch. We went there for the "historic experience" but I think the experience we had was definitely historic LOL! Let's just say someone in our group who was pregnant and was served the wrong drink {if you know what I mean}.We had a good laugh. This was my first drink of the day. LOL! I'm so dramatic! After lunch we walked around downtown the headed down to the spa for our facials and massages. Now that was nice. Awe.... I'm still thinking about it.
Later that night we headed off to the Belle of Hot Springs for our sunset dinner cruise. The scenery was fantastic... the food not so much. What can you expect from a 100 year old boat. We still manage to have an awesome time. Did I mention it had a full bar? Yea I think you get what I'm saying. LOL!
The Boat...

All Aboard!

The girls...

Sunset kiss! As Carsen would say... "that's nice"

The Ashwood Gang!

The original Three Amigas!

My bestie {Lara} and her hubby {Justin}

Once the boat ride was over we headed back to the house. The guys made a fire and we roasted marshmallows and made some yummy smore's. Good old fashion fun. I haven't done this since I was a little girl.

Katie roasting her marshmallow..

Tamra tasting the final product. I believe this was a success.


Race day! Every year we go to Lone Star Park for the day to watch and bet on the pony's. {This is what inspired the trip.} We woke up Saturday morning to the awesome smells of a breakfast feast. Tamra and Kylie put together one incredible breakfast. The menu included egg casserole, cheesy hash brown casserole, fresh cut fruit and dip, chocolate chip sticky buns, biscuits and gravy. Is your mouth watering yet? After we filled up our bellies we showered and headed off to the track. I was a big loser all day but still managed to have a blast!

Maybe I should have gone to a "person" to place my bets... hmmm

Ya I didn't pick that horse. Boo hoo...

Kylie, Katie, Me, and Lara... dang we look good. Hehehe

My sweet sweet brother Vinny. I love and miss you!

More pics of the hotties!

Travis and Vinny mapping out their plan of attack!

This guy is always smiling! Even when he loses. Love you babe!
That night we grilled ribeyes and complimented it with twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, and homemade yeast rolls. Needless to say I gained like 10lbs over the weekend but it was all worth it!

Can't wait to plan our next trip! Where to now?