Feb 28, 2011

They Make Me Laugh and So Much More!

As a parent, your children complete your day in so many different ways. There is laughter, aggravation, warmness, happiness, tears, frustration and more laughter. How is it possible to have so many emotions in one day? The funny thing is that I thought one child was tough. Boy was I wrong. Some people even told me I was crazy to have 2 kids so close together {like I could do something about it at that point} but that really wasn't my plan. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though things don't work out according to your perfect plan, everything happens for a reason. Carsen and Chloe were meant to be siblings and close in age. They compliment each other in so many ways. Although they are complete opposite in looks and personality they are the same. They give my life a whole new meaning and I LOVE every minute of it!

Here's Carsen helping out with Chloe's highchair tray. He's my clean child. Loves to do anything with a vacuum, broom, rag or whatever. He just wants to help!

This is totally Chloe's personality. Always looking for something to get into. Here is T's undies! She got one of each! LOL! Sorry T! I'm sure they are clean ;-)

First time in "time out"

Millionth time in "time out" I may need a new strategy.

Brushing teeth together, a nightly routine.

They love sitting in the same chair. I think this is adorable. Sometimes it does end up in a wrestling match. Chloe can hold her own.

Having here first Dip Stick experience with cousin Shane. Needless to say she loved it for hours!

Dancing to Lady Gaga on the coffee table.

I wish you could see the smile behind this whistle.

Carsen naked wrestling with the panda!

Really this is my life?! Yes it is and would NEVER change it for anything in the world! Let's take a vote should we go for number 3?

Feb 14, 2011

Be My Valentine...

We had a fun Valentine's play date party today with our great friends. Thank you Stacie S. for opening your home. You did a fabulous job and everything was beautiful. It's so awesome to see all of our kids grow up together. Carsen and Chloe had a blast jumping in the bounce house, digging in the sand, "mowing the lawn", and eating all the sweet treats! Carsen especially had fun with his " latest" Valentine, Campbell. They were so cute together. I've haven't seen these two this friendly since their first meeting. LOL! They ate lunch together in the same chair and went for a little "car ride" upstairs. It was so cute! Meanwhile, Chloe was hanging out with the big boys doing her thing. She has no fear and that really scares me. It was a great day with my two little sweethearts!

My first little Valentine... Got to love this boy!

And then my second Valentine...

A sweet hug from big brother...

Having some fun with photo shop! Braydon was being a little tiger.

So Innocent...

Stacie and her little man Brody Bear

Carsen and Campbell having heart shaped PBJ's together.... being silly

On the "Car ride"..

This picture tells the story of my life and I'm sure Stacie's F's too. LOL!