Nov 27, 2010

ICE and SNOW 2010 Charlie Brown...

Instead of fighting the crowds at the stores, the Dennett's decided to hit the "ICE". Charlie Brown ICE that is. We went with my sister Myssy and her family and my sister Mary. The Gaylord Texan Resort was a winter wonderland. A great place for pictures {Katie}. We participated in the Snow and Ice Exhibits. I don't recommend this for any child under the age of 2. And 2 is pushing it. The parkas just don't fit the little ones. We just draped it over Chloe. She was happy being held by Daddy the whole time. Oh and they don't allow strollers in ICE. Carrying kids in over sized Parkas is tough. Overall we had a great time. It was nice to get the kids fired up for the holiday season.

FYI... The "Elf Yourself" was a HUGE waste of money.

Carsen hitting the bunny slopes...

Chloe eating her first gingerbread cookie...

Enjoying my little guy!

The crew minus Chip who was taking the picture...

Travis's sense of humor! Real funny T...

Someone is really enjoying themselves!

I think Carsen's smile is frozen...

A really tall toy soldier...

I think we are getting into the "funny smile" stage...

Chloe feeding her best friend, Daddy...

Winding down for bed. It's time for Christmas jammies!


And a good night smooch...

Nov 21, 2010

Chloe's Play Date Birthday party.

I absolutely LOVE to throw parties. I'm not real crazy about the clean up... but who is? My play group has been together now for about a year and a half. We have all gone through our second pregnancies together. And now we are going through round number two of "First Birthday" parties. Chloe is the first one in the group to turn one. So we kicked it off Halloween style with a little girly twist. Our older ones were in school so the little ones could cut loose and have their own party time. We had a great time!

The Birthday Girl!

I loved this outfit!!! Thanks Michelle!

I threw this party together in less than 12 hours. I think it turned out fabulous! Ha! Ha!

My sweet friend Stacie!

Brody Bear!

Nov 8, 2010

Have You Ever Seen Levis Look This Cute?!

I love these jean leggings!!! I found them in Chicago on our trip. She looks so grown up in them. They're a little big but she's growing fast. Just had to share!

Nov 7, 2010

EEK!!!! Halloween 2010

Ok so here are a few pictures from Halloween. There was so much going on over the weekend I wasn't able to take pictures of all of it. But at least you can get a good laugh over Carsen's costume. For those of you have no idea who he is click here {Yo Gabba Gabba}

Ok... now if you have stop laughing enjoy the pictures. We had an awesome time with our friends and family!

Carsen's first Halloween 2008 {Scary Monster}

Halloween 2009 {Sock Monkey}

Halloween 2010 {DJ Lance Rock}

Chloe's first Halloween 2009 {2 weeks old}

My little Duck... 2010

My sweet babies...

Ashwood Gang 2009 {missing Cole}

Ashwood Gang 2010 Do you see a common theme in the two pictures? Ha Ha! Someone has a drinking problem.

Carsen buddies Hudson and Landon... we will miss you!

Chloe flirting early... Oh my!!!! Or maybe she's just telling him we will come visit them in Kansas.

Super Cole!

I love this boy! How cute is he?

And he's off on his candy mission...

Super Dad! Poor T just got off work and straight to trick of treating! What a guy! I love you babe!
I think Chloe's parties will be next on the blogging agenda.

Nov 5, 2010

Play Group Halloween 2010

We had a super fun time at our play group Halloween party. Thanks Maureen for being so brave to open your house up to our rowdy bunch! Everything was amazing... food, games, activities and conversation. Looking forward to the start
of the holiday season. Thanks Kimmy for laughing so hard at me when I almost busted it! I still laugh about it in my head. Good times!

I like to call them "round 2" LOL! Our 2nd babies. You can definitely tell who belongs to who! No costume can hide that. Ha! Ha!

Liz and our newest addition to the group, Reagan. She is so precious!

I love this picture. One of my sweetest friends with my sweetest girl!

Campbell... always the little lady

Chloe trying to blow kisses...

Chef Landry and he had his mom as a waitress taking orders. Too cute!

The athlete of the group, Holden. He will be a professional athlete of some sort one day!

I love this moment I caught on camera. Stacie and Hudson were taking their pumpkins serious. So Sweet!!!

Bouncy House Braydon. I think he was in there with Drew the whole party. He also got Carsen to get in a bouncy house without being forced. Thats big! Thanks B!

Another sweet mommy moment. The host Maureen and her son Daniel.
DJ Lance Rock is on the move!
Still more to come... Halloween is next!