Jul 26, 2009

Carsen's One Year Photo Session!

Check out my little model... 

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Jul 22, 2009

Dennett Vacation Trifecta Part III ATLANTA, GA

Last leg of the trifecta.... Atlanta GA 

OK... So now we are going to drive 5 hours to see our dear friends Matt, Melissa, and Kennedy.  This is the first time in a year that we have been able to get our kids together to play. Carsen and Kennedy are only 6 weeks apart. They had a blast with each other. It was like they had grown up together. And yes, my child loves to give hugs and kisses. How could you not give a million to Kennedy? She's the cutest little girl.  We had so much fun in Atlanta. The guys got to play golf and Melissa and I hung out with the kids and got caught up. We did manage to get in our traditional Mani/Pedi's. LOL! 

Carsen and Kennedy! Together at last!

Such the little gentleman. She would drop the cheerio and then he would pick it up and eat. This went on for days. Then he just showed her how to dump them all out. Way more fun that way.
His kisses are sweet. But his hugs can be dangerous. BTW... Kennedy can hold her own. 

This hug started out sweet but ended up in a wrestling match. He never knows when to stop the hug. :-) She was a trooper.

Their first meal together... green beans and turkey! Yummy!

Our big date night!

The four of us having some adult time. It's been too long. 

Our trip to Target. Aren't they cute?!

Anything Carsen played with Kennedy wanted to play with too! So they shared. This was Carsens favorite toy while we were there.  I don't think they ever got mad or fought with each other the whole time. Perfect little angles. 

The weather was so nice we took the kids to the park. I'm not sure how I fit in this with two babies. I just wanted to see what my future had in store. 

Our good bye lunch.... :-( 

Travis in a year.... 

Thanks Matt and Melissa for your awesome hospitality. We enjoyed our time together. Let's not wait another year before we see each other again. We love and miss you! 

Jul 21, 2009

Dennett Vacation Trifecta Part II HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC

Hilton Head Island was a tropical paradise. I really didn't know what to expect about the east coast. I've always gone to the pacific side or the Gulf of Mexico. I was pleasantly surprised. This beach was made for Carsen. He just started walking 2 weeks ago and now that's all he wants to do. He was all over the beach. Nothing seemed to phase him. He learned how to dig in the sand and put it in his bucket. He also learned how to eat the sand. He didn't seem to mind it.  Overall I give the vacation a perfect 10. The weather was incredible. Highs were in the 80's. I have a lot pictures from this leg of the vacation so I hope you enjoy them. 

Carsen's first walk on the beach. 

When we got there it was low tide. So it made it easier for Carsen to play in the water without freaking out. 

Ok. Now we are getting braver. 

Mommy showing Carsen how to dig in wet sand. He was so cute!

I Love the Beach!

Carsen had sand EVERYWHERE! 

Look Mommy... I want to leave my mark in the sand. 

Where are those darn crabs hiding?

Mary teaching Carsen how to fly his first kite. Spider man 

Mommy and Daddy chillaxin...

Carsen would find and play with anything. Very self entertaining.

The family... Carsen was not in the mood. He wanted to head for the water.

Carsen and Daddy hanging out on the lifeguard stand... too cute!

I love this picture.  This captured the moment just right.

Me at 25 weeks. 
The essence of Carsen. 

Another favorite shot... 

 My social butterfly.  Everyone would stop us and make a comment about the color of his hair. Other kids on the beach would want to play with him.  Such a friendly family enviroment.

Travis and Carsen having one last moment together before we had to say good bye...

Dennett Vacation Trifecta: Part I SAVANNAH, GA

Hmm... Where to start? This started out to be "my" well deserved vacation. All about me.. me.. me. I had it all planned. Even down to bringing Mary to babysit. Seven days, 3 cities, and lots of food.  Well as you can see by the first picture this quickly turned into "Carsen's" vacation. LOL! It was the most amazing trip.  I realized that there is no better way to see or visit a new place without seeing it through your child's eyes.  Everything revolved around him and it was all worth it. Savannah is one the most beautiful American cities. It is so rich in culture and tradition. Absolutely breath taking. I couldn't fit all 400 pictures in the blog but I will have 3 posts with my favorite moments. 

First stop Savannah GA. 
OK Daddy... I'm ready to go!! 

Mary and Carsen chilling to some cool music...

Our flight was perfect. 

First official drink of the trip. Of course this is Travis and Mary. I enjoyed a water.

Mary and Travis enjoying some Vinny Go Go's pizza. Best pizza EVER according to Travis. This was a "shake" from the iphone urbanspoon application. We got real lucky. That application saved our tummies. We used it every time we went out to eat. We never had a bad meal.  

We didn't have much time in Savannah so we made the most of it on foot. We covered the entire historic district in 5 hours. Mary was the navigator and of course she lost the map. She would never make it on Dora the Explorer.  The city is famous for it's architecture, historic squares, and of course southern cuisine. The only thing we unable to make was Paula Deans restaurant. Maybe next time.  
We stopped and ate at Huey's on the famous Riverfront Street for lunch. Travis had his first beignet. He ordered them for an appetiser and again for desert. Yes he had 2 orders of them. Yummy!

This is one of the famous squares of Savannah, Chippewa Square. This is where Forest Gump was filmed.  Travis is posing with the statue. In case you didn't catch that. What a cutie!

Speaking of cuties....

Down on the riverfront looking at the boats.

The Cathedral of John the Baptist. I look so pregnant here. This is why I avoided the camera the entire trip. 

4 hours and 30 minutes later....

Savannah is covered in Live Oak Trees. I've never seen trees so beautiful. 

Stayed tuned.... 2 more legs to the trifecta!!!

Jul 3, 2009

Look at Me! I'm Walking!

Carsen has been taking steps here and there for over a month now. He's just never took off... until now.  We had some of Carsen's friends over the other day and he's been walking ever since. I guess seeing other kids walk around in his environment gave him the confidence to walk. He's still a little unstable but none the less walking!!!! This was the last thing that attached him to his baby stage. We are now 100% toddler.