Oct 29, 2008

Visit to Arkansas

Carsen and I flew home last weekend to spend time with my family.  We really had great time!!! Carsen went to his first football game to see his cousin, Tessa, do a drill team routine.  She is such a doll! On Friday, we spent the day hanging out with my Dad. Friday night my Mom kept Carsen and Daniel and I went to the church Bazaar.  I never knew how much fun one could have at a church function!  We got to see people we haven't seen in a really long time.  Not to mention the buzz we got(shhhh...don't tell Mom). Got to love being a Catholic... lol! Anyway at the end of the night was the big raffle drawing.  They called my name out first for the Wii. And then they called Daniel's out for the basket of Booze.  We were a lucky family!
Carsen at the game.


The Wii I won
Daniel and his basket of booze!
Carsen is holding his own bottle. :-)

Oct 28, 2008

Our first lesson in Calculus...

Carsen is getting curious about so many things around the house.  So Preston thought he would introduce him to Calculus. He was really patient in the beginning....

But then...not so much

Oct 20, 2008

Church Bound!

On Sunday, Travis and I took Carsen to church for the first time. We attended St Elizabeth Ann Seton. This is the church were Travis was baptized.  He was the best 4 month old baby in the church. He slept through the first half and observed during the second half.  When we went up to receive communion, he reached for Fr. Henry's hand while he was trying to give him a blessing. I think he wanted to eat it.  He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth. Of course I took some pictures of the event.  I'm such a nerd.

He was so excited on our way in. :-)

Fr. Henry and Carsen...new BFF's
Carsen is participating in his first charity. " Baby Bank". It raises money for under privileged babies.  What a philanthropist!

Oct 18, 2008

I did it for my Mom!

As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  Travis's mom (Ulli) and his grandmother (Edi) have had this battle to beat. Today Travis ran the Race for the Cure 5k in honor of both of them.   Travis's mom just finished 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation. She has been such a courageous woman.  They call them "survivors" but I think of them as more than that. This race will be a new tradition in our family every year.  We love and miss you Ulli and Edi!  

Oct 15, 2008

Peek-a- BOO Pumpkin

This is Carsen's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We really had a great time with Katie and Cole. Thanks for inviting us Katie!

"Cole is trying to show me all kinds of new stuff. "

"I think I can push over this pumpkin."

"Awe...maybe not. I'll just stand here and look cute" 

"My mommy is telling me all about Halloween and how her mommy made it special for her."
"This hay looks yummy... I think I want to try it!"

"This Hayride sucks! Get me off and feed me ASAP!

"I got this thing down...I cry mommy jumps. This is the LIFE!

Love Carsen

Oct 14, 2008

Congratulations Ulli!

Congratulations Ulli on finishing radiation.  We know it's been a long road and we are very proud of you! 

Oct 10, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

Travis is teaching Carsen how to do payroll.  This will be his job starting next week. :-)

Carsen says..."Boring!"

Carsen says... "Mama, Can I go play? Please!!!"

Oct 6, 2008

Yucky Shots!

Today was Carsen's 4 month well visit.  He weighed 16 lbs and 5 oz's. He is now 25.5 inches long. Both measurements are in the 75%. Whatever that means.  He was so good with the doctor until they administered the shots.  There's no feeling worse than when your baby looks at you like "why are you doing this to me".  My heart just broke.  I got the biggest frog in my throat.  Luckily, Travis went with me to help.  He's such a GREAT dad!  

Oct 5, 2008

I'm 4 months old!

Hello everyone. Carsen is 4 months old today.  He woke up in the best mood this morning. We enjoyed spending time together today on the floor(see pictures and video).  Everyday it seems like he is learning something new.  I can't believe how fast he's growing.  His personality is really starting to show.   I think he might be teething. He's grabbing and putting everything in his mouth.   I don't mean to get sappy but he's just every joy I've ever wanted out of life. Whenever I get sad (which is a lot lately) I just take one look at him. And that's all it takes. What a gift.

He has so much to say... I listen to every word. :-)

Oct 3, 2008

Rice Cereal....YUMMY!

Lately... Carsen has had a real interest in what we're eating. So we decided to try him on some cereal.  He's the cutest thing ever. Travis had fun feeding him. They are two peas in a pod.

Oct 2, 2008

Welcome Nash David Belle-Isle

Carsen's new friend Nash David Belle-Isle has finally arrived. He weighed 7 lbs and 12 oz. He is 19.5 inches long.  He is so adorable. Nash has a full head of dark hair just like his daddy. Mom and baby are doing GREAT!
Here are some pictures of the happy family!

Proud Daddy!

Happy and relieved Mommy!

Ecstatic big sis! Kylie was so excited to meet her little brother. She got to skip school today.  It was such a bid deal! :-)

I love my new little friend!