Mar 31, 2009

Play date with Daddy!!!

Today Travis decided to take a break from his job overload and came out to play with me and Carsen.  We headed to the mall playground.  I know what you're thinking.  It's taken me a long time to get over my public germ phobia and allow my child to interact with other children. This was our first visit. Carsen and Dad had a blast. I was concentrating on not puking (morning sickness)...
Yea! Lets Go!

Are you watching me?

Yippee Daddy!

Some day Daddy I will be able to do this all by myself. Thanks!

Daddy get off the phone and come play!!!!

I hope no one is watching me yawn.  I'm getting sleepy.

I'm Done... Check you guys later!

Mar 29, 2009

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Ok so this might be bad parenting.   Travis and I were at Jason's Deli one lovely afternoon. The food to me tasted awful.  Nothing seems to taste right anymore.  So I went to get an ice cream cone. Can't go wrong there. Well it was tasting pretty good. Carsen noticed mommy had something different and wanted to try it.  I said no... he's too young.  Then he looked at me with some sad eyes and I thought well if it's ok to have yogurt why not ice cream. What the heck, we'll give it a try.....
As you can see Travis is holding the cone. So I was obviously talked into it.

Now Carsen is holding the cone... this can only end up bad.

He' looking at me wondering when I'm going to take the cone away because he's enjoying it so much. 

Yep... Fun police arrived and Carsen was not happy about it. Moral of the story is.... There's no moral mommy wins. Bad idea Daddy!

Mar 21, 2009

Carsen and Dylan's Baptism

Oh... what to say. This is the hardest blog I've had to write. I've started it a 100 times and just got to emotional to finish.  I can't say enough how much I miss my Dad. He was such a HUGE part of my life.  I never knew when we set the date for Carsen's Baptism what the day had in store for us.  My Dad raised us to always put God first in our lives and in whatever we do. This was the most beautiful day with him. God was so present.  During mass, I kept looking over my shoulder at my Dad and he had the biggest smile on his face. He was so proud. Little did he know how proud we all were of him for his courage and fight through a battle he was never meant to win.  I love that we chose him to be Carsen's Godfather.  What better example of a man for my son.  I know Carsen will always have an Angel on his shoulder helping through life. Who better than my Dad to be that Angel.   

Carsen had the privilege of being baptised with his cousin Dylan.  Travis and I had the honors of being her Godparents. They were just too cute together. She did awesome. Dylan went first in the baptismal font. I think it helped Carsen out seeing her go first. He thought... if she can do it... I can do it too!

Thank you to all our family and friends who traveled near and far to share this special day with us. It's funny... I don't have a picture of the crowd but there had to be over 50 people there. We felt like celebrities. Especially at the end of the service. Everyone was crowded around us taking pictures like the paparazzi. We didn't know which camera to look at. That is why we all look like we are looking in different directions! LOL! 

Dylan taking the first dunk

Now Carsen. He laid so still for the...."Father, Son...but not for the Holy Spirit(below). It got a chuckle from the crowd.
Carsen's like... What just happened?
I love this picture... Dad and his two angels all in white....LOL!!! If you know Dylan this is really funny. She's such a sweetie!

Mary and Dad.

This Blog entry is dedicated in loving memory of John Wolf Sr. Proud parent of 7 kids and 12 grandchildren. You will be truly missed. I love you Daddy!

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Mar 14, 2009

We met Kennedy!

We finally got to meet Kennedy!!! She is the most PRECIOUS thing EVER!!!  Carsen and Kennedy didn't have much time to play together but they did manage to have breakfast together every morning. They were like movie stars at the hotel. Everyone would stop and make comments about the two of them.  It was hard being a parent of a child so famous. Now I know how Britney Spears' mom feels. :-) They were too cute with each other. They will make great friends one day. That's right Matt.... I said FRIENDS!   

Kennedy making the first move.  I'm sure this is a friendly hug.... Ha! Ha!

Carsen loves giving his "head hugs". I can't wait until they really get to play with each other. That will be a sight to see. 

Thank you Matt, Melissa and Kennedy for making that long trip to be with me during such a tough time. I can't tell you how much that meant to me and my family. You three are like family and always will be.  BTW Matt.... You're not allowed to play with Travis anymore. You two always seem to find trouble.... Love you guys!!!