Mar 19, 2010

Chloe 5 months and Fun at the Park...

Guess who's 5 months? Chloe Bear!!!! And what a BIG girl she is?!?! She is so close to crawling (see video), talking (screaming), eating solids (baby food), standing (assisted of course), taking steps while holding on to my fingers, laughing out loud when she sees something funny, lights up when Travis, Carsen or me walks in the room, and most importantly she is sleeping 9 hours at night!!! She is the light of my life. I love being a mommy.

Seriously... I mean how cute is she?

Carsen at 5 months. He was already sitting up unassisted.

Look at these two... so sweet!

Tasting cereal for the first time... not crazy about it.

Travis is such a proud Daddy.

Ok so enough about Chloe. Carsen has met a few milestones of his own. He is now talking like CRAZY. He repeats everything we say. I now understand the things he needs and wants. I especially love it when he says "I ooo you". His new favorite thing to do is go to the park. So everyday we walk down the park. He thinks its so cool because he can get on and off the equipment and slide down the slide by himself. It's so awesome to see the proud look he gets on his face when he plays.

Chloe on the swing for the first time. She loved it.

My big boy! (tear)

My big girl! (2 tears)

Carsen sliding with his buddy Cole...
He was going to town on this bouncy duck. He got on and off all by himself!
So tired... but what a fun day!
Here's a quick video of Chloe... Enjoy!!!

Mar 4, 2010

Forever and Always a Daddy's Girl...

A year ago today I held my Daddy's hand as he passed from this life in to Heaven. A part of me was taken with him. I struggle every day missing him. I know he is in way better place but I wish I could explain that to my heart. It really was the hardest thing to lose my best friend.

I want to thank all of my family and friends who have been there for me over the last year. Without all you in my life I don't think I would have made it through this. I know that I haven't been the "Panda" everyone knows and loves lately but I'm trying to get back there. I feel surrounded by love on a daily basis. And some of that love comes from him in Heaven through Carsen and Chloe's smiles.

I miss you Daddy.

circle saw

If you haven't called your parents lately... call them now and tell them how much you love and appreciate them in you life. :-)