Aug 26, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider Carsen Style...

Ok... This video is random but so cute.  I'm not sure when Carsen picked all of this up  but I was amazed. I mean I sing these songs to him but he's never really reacted to them. He really is paying attention to everything around him. I guess I really need to start watching myself even more. He is also starting to mock people. For example we were over at our neighbors the other day and she started to laugh... well he started to laugh like her. So fake. She said is he mocking me? Yup! I just know someday real soon he is  going to bust out in full conversation. Crazy stuff. 

I missed the very beginning of this song... oops I had no idea he could do it.

Aug 17, 2009

Travis's 40th Birthday Extravaganza

My sweet hubby turned 4o last weekend and I must say he had the best birthday celebration EVER! He started the festivities on Thursday night when some of the guest arrived. I did not take part in the late night out but I heard  it was lots of fun. The next day Travis and all his buddies played golf all day. Travis and Daniel won the scramble against Chip, Michael, David, Trey, and Danny. His official Birthday was Friday. We had dinner at his favorite restaurant, Mi Cocina. Table for 3o please! YIKES and this was all family.  Here are a few pictures from the night! 

The Birthday Boy, Me and Carsen

Me and my brother Daniel

Mary and Tyler

Me, Myssy and Teresa

Carsen was checking out the staff singing to his daddy.

Carsen loved the cake!

Carsen learning to use forks...

The birthday boys... Travis and Steve!

It's present time!!!!

The best gift EVER!!! Scotty Cameron Titleist putter.  This should help his game.... yea right!

Travis's Uncle Roger and Aunt Janet made the trip for the occasion.

Saturday night was the big party at Cape Buffalo. This consisted of around 70 friends and family.  Travis smiled from ear to ear all night.  There was drinking, dancing, pool shooting and dart playing.  Awesome night.  The band played top 40 music from the 80's and 90's. Travis felt right at home.  LOL!  Along with a few others. Good times....

Now for the real party!!! 

Who's this hottie with my husband? Oh wait, that's my sister! I'm watching you Tree

Having a great time.... David and Teresa

The party hits the dance floor...

Travis's family...

Completely sober... Travis and Daniel

Another Birthday boy! Brooks and Katie! Hope you had a good Bday!

Lara... 33 weeks and me... 29 weeks. And really the only two sober ones at the party. Yea!

Thanks to everyone for sharing in Travis' birthday. He hasn't stopped talking about. He will cherish it forever.