Feb 28, 2010

Barnyard Birthday Bash!

Landry's 2nd Birthday Barnyard Bash was a huge success!!! All the kiddos had a blast... especially Carsen. There was a cow, ducks, bunnies, goats, and a miniature horse! Stacie put together a GREAT party. Did I mention that she is having baby Tate on Friday? She deserves the mother of the year award.

The Ferguson Family... Birthday Boy!

Carsen telling the goat to "Go"

Is Nicholas thirsty? Look at that sweet face.

Holden enjoying his sucker...

Brooke and her Daddy, Kevin. How sweet.

Carsen talking "duck"

Mommy and my baby... thanks Kimmy!

That goat has his eye on you Braydon.

The cow...

Carsen and Caitlin

I love this picture. It seems like Ava is thinking about what the sign says... I love her!

Carsen and the bunny...

Caitlin and her buddy the goat. I caught her having a whole conversation him. Too cute!!!

Ahh and now the cupcake. Carsen's favorite part. He had 2. One I gave him and the other... well who knows how he got it. (wink wink)

Feb 20, 2010

Chloe's 4 Month Update

Chloe is 4 months old! Another month has just flown by. As you can see from the pictures, Chloe's personality is really coming out. She smiles and laughs 90% of the time. I've never seen a more happier baby. But then I really only have Carsen for comparison. He was such a serious and very cautious baby. She brightens my everyday with her sweet smile.

4 month stats...

weight 13lbs 15%
length 25in 50%
head 15 3/4 25%

We need to gain some weight so we are supplementing with formula and starting her on cereal. Let's fatten up those cheeks!!!!

Chloe holding Daddy's hand
The other night I was flying solo at bath time. So I gave Carsen his bath first and then Chloe. After both baths we hung out on my bed playing. Carsen loves showing off for his little sister. I love every moment with them. I just want them to stay babies forever.

My two love bugs..

Chloe has found her feet. Now Carsen is showing her what to do with them :-)

Crazy Carsen...

Doesn't this make you want to give her a BIG smooch?!!!!

Tummy time...

Look how strong I am Daddy...

Stay tuned for more posts. Lots going on and I love my new camera!!!!!!!!

Feb 15, 2010

Be Mine...

Happy Valentines Day to all!!! This year Travis surprised me with a new camera {we don't EVER celebrate Valentines day}. I've been asking for one for a VERY long time. I've been going picture crazy with the kids. Chloe is such a great model. Carsen just loves to say " cheese". Here are some pictures of my sweet Valentines.

We had a Valentines play date with our good friends from Gymboree. Thanks Lisa for having us over to your house. You are super brave. Carsen had such a great time playing with all of Campbell's girly toys. I especially loved watching him walk around putting fake lipstick on. He's a hoot! And the car... Could he be anymore obsessed with pushing girls around! I hope he always stays such a gentleman. :-)

My new hair! I have bangs...Yikes! Now I need a tan.

This is Chloe's new friend Ella. Ella is Campbell's little sister. I think her and Chloe are 3 weeks apart. We laid them next to each other and they grabbed hands instantly. Too cute!

Carsen's buddy Hudson...

The hostesses Lisa and Campbell. Thanks again!

I caught Carsen looking and laughing at himself in the mirror. He's been doing this a lot lately.

Stickers gone wild!!!

Caitlin and Campbell saying their goodbyes.

See I'm not the only one who has their hands full! Stacie makes it look easy. Hudson 22 months and Brody 3 months... {or close to it}

Thanks Campbell for your hospitality!!!

Feb 12, 2010

Texas Winter Wonderland

Texas received record breaking snowfall yesterday. DFW Airport reported over 12 inches. Carsen woke up saying... "noe owesie" (snow outside). That's the best I can recite baby talk. It was too cute. I just couldn't get over how heavy the snow fell ALL DAY long. Totally crazy and beautiful. Carsen and Travis built a snowman and took turns throwing snowballs at me (through the window). It was a wonderful family day! Chloe and I hung out inside where it was nice and warm. She is the sweetest thing.

Chloe at 16 weeks...
Yes we had a bow change... :-)

Snow Frisbee!!!!

Mico Tico Taco the snow dog!!!!

Carsen trying to figure out this cold white stuff...
Working with Daddy on the Snowman...

We took a break from the snow before this picture. That is why Carsen is missing hat, coat and shoes....

Carsen just thought the Snowman was so funny....

Our tropical paradise covered in snow... I hope our palms make it!!!!

The next day... Frosty made it through the night.

I'm ready to head out again...

Carsen and his buddies across the street... Hudson and Landon

Snow eating break...

"I hope this never goes away!!!"

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