Feb 11, 2012

Bierock Night at the Dennett's

I know what you're asking... "What the heck is a Bierock?" I asked myself the same thing. Apparently, bierocks are meat-filled pocket pastries originating in Eastern Europe (Germany or Russia). Yea...never knew that either. BUT here at the Dennett house we are up for new adventures in whatever. The dish is quite the process. Let me take you through it. Now for you dieters out there, this isn't for you. But ohhhh so yummy.

Just a few steps and you too can have a carbo loaded-protein filled dinner as well.

Step 1: Let your rolls rise. (use frozen yeast rolls)
Step 2: Meat mixture of meat, cabbage, onion and cheese.
Step 3: The toss and the catch... (see Travis below)
Step 4: fill and pinch.
Step 5. Cook.

Step 6: Enjoy