Nov 18, 2009

Chloe's First Professional Photo Shoot

Hello Everyone!!! Last week I had Chloe's pictures done. I love them. She was such a little angel! Thanks Toni for coming out and making this painless!

Password is Chloe

Nov 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch with Daddy!

My how time has flown by.... This is Carsen last year at the pumpkin patch. He was around 4 months old here. I think him and Chloe have the same nose and mouth. Just a thought.

This year we were under a little pressure to make it to the pumpkin patch in time for Halloween. With all the bad weather it was hard to go anywhere outside. We finally had a chance the day before Halloween. I mentioned it to Travis and he did the rest. We ended up at a pumpkin patch in Celina TX. LOL! It was an adventure getting there. When we got there Chloe decided she was hungry. And if you know newborns they don't eat in a timely manor. So I let Travis and Carsen go ahead.

The only way to get to the pumpkin patch/petting farm was by tractor and hayride. Carsen was in heaven... unlike the previous year!


Watch out Carsen!!!! That one is after your cup!

No fear here!

His face is priceless here...

Poor Travis was trying to watch Carsen, take video and pictures. A lot of responsibility. Especially when I have such high expectation on the photo quality.

Heading back.... Maybe Mom and Chloe will make it next year!