Nov 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was definitely a new experience the year. Carsen and Chloe had a blast. We decided a few weeks back that they would be Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. Chloe has been a little obsessed with Tinker Bell lately and Carsen watches the movie over and over. He even asked if Preston could dress up as Captain Hook. It was a little to late to get a costume together but we dress up next year for sure. We started out the night by carving our pumpkins. I have to say this was my first time to carve a pumpkin by myself. It looked like a 2 year old did it (not cute at all). Travis took much pride in his pumpkin and of course Preston went over the top with his creation. It was a lot of family fun. Chloe and Carsen did not like the icky seeds and goo inside the pumpkins. So they weren't much help. After we placed our pumpkins on the front porch we headed off trick or treating. Carsen and his BFF Cole were the two cutest boys EVER!!!! They held hands as they went house to house with Chloe following right behind them. It was an awesome night. We finished the evening going over to my sister Myssy's house to share some candy. Im looking forward to many more Halloweens.

Family Pumkin Carving
Halloween 2011
On Saturday night Travis and I headed over to a neighbors for some Halloween fun of our own.

Nov 6, 2011

Chloe's Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party

I blinked and now she's 2.
Good times, good friends and good food. OOH... did I mention Elmo came by for a visit for his favorite girl Chloe? Heee did and Chloe was totally smitten. I think I hit the nail on the head for my precious little girl. Her party was AMAZING! We are truly blessed with so many family and friends who make our lives complete.

My awesome and talented sister Mary painted the "Street Scene" for photo ops.

We had sliders, hot dogs, veggie/dip cups, fruit skewers , cupcakes, and cookies.
Drink station and Chloe's invite

My mantel masterpiece. These pictures were carefully selected. They include milestones, vacations, blankie, razorbacks, first pic, and favorite friends.
Elmo cookies
The Chef at work!

Make a wish!!!
The youngest party member Benji and his mama Amy.
Coming soon... Gavin Brooks.
Kisses for Elmo!
Play group mommies with Elmo.
Is that Elmo in the Bounce House?
Night.. Night Elmo. Thanks for coming

Sep 29, 2011

R E S P E C T ...

I started this blog back in March. LOL! Chloe looks so young. Too funny not to document.

I came home one day after getting a bunch of errands done and Travis looked like he had been beat by the kids. Sometimes I don't think men know what mothers go through daily. Well he might have got a little taste of it on this day.

Poor Daddy...

A Toy Story bandaid will make it better.

Weapon of choice...

Carsen giving Travis discharge instructions. (I think he's covering his tracks)
Travis is hanging on every word.

Sep 26, 2011

SURPRISE!!! Teresa's 40th

I have somehow fallen off the blogging wagon. I am going to make an effort to get caught up on the last 3 months. Here's a good and fun start...

My sister, Teresa, turned 40 last November. She was having some major medical problems and was unable to celebrate. My sister Myssy and I decided to throw her a party when she least expected it... 6 months later. We had such a fun time planning and keeping secrets. Teresa had absolutely NO idea. We didn't even let her daughter Tessa in on it because we knew she would spill the beans. We decided that Dallas would be the better place to pull it off. Teresa thought that her and Steve would have a little get away for Memorial Day weekend and have her sisters all to herself. Little did she know that the entire family was hiding over at Myssy's. It was pretty tough pulling off the final details and keeping her away from Myssy's house until Saturday but we managed to do it. I even had someone come over and do her makeup and hair. That might have been a red flag but she played along. Best surprise party I've ever pulled off for sure.

The moment of surprise. There were 30+ people on the other side of the camera. It felt so good to see her so excited.

Wolf Mama... Best Mama in the world!

The Wolf Girls!

Birthday girl and her hubby Steve.

Our family...

The party bus. The best money ever spent and probably the most entertaining part of the evening. If that pole could talk....

The surprises and tears kept coming...

Good job girls, we pulled it off!

Travis, Daniel (my brother) and Steve (Teresa's hubby)
For some reason they always make this face when I'm taking pictures. LOL! Gangsta!

Jul 31, 2011

So Behind On Blogging

Coming soon.... Catch up time on the summer of 2011.

Here's a picture of Carsen to give you an idea of what's to come. Here he is being one of the "Swamp People". LOL! He watched that show while my brother Vinny was babysitting.... go figure.

Jun 23, 2011

You're My Favorite Deputy! Carsen's 3rd Birthday Party

Turning 3... so many emotions are tied up into that statement. We are proud of the little boy Carsen is becoming. Underneath the "tow head", blue eyed, pasty white boy exterior there is a genuine loving boy. Following around Travis is his favorite thing to do. He enjoys helping T with any project. Whether it's changing light bulbs, planting flowers, pulling weeds, hanging a picture, Carsen is right there to hand him a tool and ask "why do that?" Or if he doesn't understand what you are saying, he says... "what you said?' It totally cracks us up. He's very curious about everything going on around him and he doesn't miss a thing. Tricking him is becoming more of a challenge. He is already quite witty. This will go one way or the other... Ha! Ha! I love every minute we spend together. Carsen knows his role as big brother and he takes it seriously {even if Chloe feels otherwise} They are the best of friends and I hope it always stays that way.

His latest obsession has been the Toy Story Trilogy. What better way to celebrate his 3rd birthday. This party was super fun to decorate {minus the concussion and black eye}. I actually made most of the things instead ordering them on ESTY. That was a shout out to myself. TOOT TOOT. Lol. Thanks to my mom, Ulli and Mary for helping put my vision together.

The Invitation

Food Table...

Watering Hole...

Mantel... the drawings here are from Andy's room in the original Toy Story. The banner was purchased on Esty.

My First Subway Art...
Thank you favors...

Drink Dispenser labels... One was "alcolholc" and the other was just tea... LOL! Long story.

Cake was from Market Street decorated by me.

My sweet sister Mary made the banner. Love having this talent in the family! Notice the army men coming down from the light... just a little touch from the movie.

Alien cupcakes made by Emily and decorated by Emily, Mary and Tamra. Thanks girls!

And now the actual party. The inside was for food and eating and the entertainment was outside. The weather wasn't as bad as last year. Everyone was able to enjoy the pool and other water activities.

Sweet Nash and sister Presley

The kiddos enjoying the movie Toy Story while eating "Pizza Planet" Pizza. (shhh... it was really Little Caesars )

We had around 40 kids from a month up to 7 yrs old. Everyone had a great time!

Kimmy and Braydon... Did you plan your outfits?

Krissy and Addison. I think she was the youngest there.

Aunt Myssy and Peyton

"Can someone PLEASE help me?!

G'Ulli, G'Clo, G'Aunt Jane

Katie and Kylie

Birthday Boy enjoying the pool!

The Neighby's

Birthday Cake Time... And yes he sang along! He loved that it was finally being sung to him!

Chloe Bear taking a rest. Partying can be exhausting.

Late night with Landon and Ava

I see future trips to the ER. Thanks Hampshires!

Birthday brunch with the family. This was his actual Birthday.

Chloe enjoying her some icecream!
Thank you to everyone who helped Carsen celebrate his 3rd birthday. He still talks about it. We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. XOXO

Amanda and Travis