Jun 6, 2013

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Aug 4, 2012

Carsen's 4th Birthday Beach Party

Every year Carsen's birthday always seems to be the party to kick off the summer. So we took it to the beach! At least in that Texas kind of way. This party was fun and easy to plan.  Carsen enjoyed having all his friends and family here to celebrate his special day.  His big brother Tyler made a special trip from Kansas, Grandma Clo came from Arkansas and Pappo and Grandma Ulli arrived from San Antonio. Birthdays are always fun but its a little more special when you are surrounded by all the people who love you.  Carsen is one loved child!!!! 

Happy 4Th Birthday.

I'm Four!!
4 year old funny faces
My mom and party guru!

best we could do.

Party favors

Daddy time..
Present Time

Carsen did not want to get out of the pool to
sing happy birthday.

"Luke... I am your father..."

Feb 11, 2012

Bierock Night at the Dennett's

I know what you're asking... "What the heck is a Bierock?" I asked myself the same thing. Apparently, bierocks are meat-filled pocket pastries originating in Eastern Europe (Germany or Russia). Yea...never knew that either. BUT here at the Dennett house we are up for new adventures in whatever. The dish is quite the process. Let me take you through it. Now for you dieters out there, this isn't for you. But ohhhh so yummy.

Just a few steps and you too can have a carbo loaded-protein filled dinner as well.

Step 1: Let your rolls rise. (use frozen yeast rolls)
Step 2: Meat mixture of meat, cabbage, onion and cheese.
Step 3: The toss and the catch... (see Travis below)
Step 4: fill and pinch.
Step 5. Cook.

Step 6: Enjoy

Jan 29, 2012

House Divided... Arkansas Vs. KSU Cotton Bowl 2012

I'mmmm BACK!!!!! Life has been crazy busy, not to mention my poor computer has been dropped one to many times. It's about to go into the shop but I wanted to catch up on some blogs first. My goal is to blog once or twice a week until I'm caught up. You may see some old blogs I started last year but never posted.

I'm going to start out this year like I did 2011! RAZORBACK football! Travis and I were extremely excited our teams finally got to play each other in the Cotton Bowl. My kids have known the Hog Call since birth and now Travis thought it was time to teach them some K-State chants. They would get the two teams confused and call them Razorcats! How cute is that?. I thought it was perfect.

We started our festivities with the K-State pep rally at Ranger Ballpark. At the last minute I threw this KSU cheerleading outfit on Chloe that was 3-6 month in size. Well we made it work. ( I won't mention how many Razorback outfits they both have...oops). Travis was super excited to share this experience with the kids. Originally when I was getting ready I had on a grey sweater (trying to stay neutral), then Travis walked through the bathroom and said.. "your Dad would be ashamed of you right now." I quickly changed into some Arkansas RED. What was I thinking?!! We all had such a great time. All the K-state fans were very nice to me. Travis was proud of me too. Ha! Ha

Carsen and Chloe in the sea of purple people.

Chloe cheering with her Daddy. Go CATS!

The kids couldn't wait to get their picture with Willie the Wildcat.

Chloe is waiving at Willie

I didn't want to do it but they made me... (I was freezing bc I had a sweater over this top)


Cotton Bowl Day
The next day I woke up with a serious migraine. I've never had a headache that bad before in my life (at least not from drinking lol)! I was taking every medication imaginable to get me to the game. This chick was not missing it for ANYTHING!!!!
I made it!

Travis and Preston representing the Purple.

My Arkansas girls!!! Lets Call those HOGS!
Me, Kyle, and Lara

Becoming a traditional January picture.
Me and Kylie

Inside Cowboy Stadium.
Despite of my headache and sitting on the K-State side, I had a great time with my hubby and my sister from another mister Lara and stepson Preston. SEC baby!

Arkansas Vs. Kansas State facts...
They have only played each other 3 times in school history (now 4).
It's been 44 years since the team have met on the football field.
Oct 28 1967 Arkansas beat KSU 28-7 in Little Rock at War Memorial Field
Before that KSU beat Arkansas in 1910 and 1911.

2012 Arkansas beats KSU 29-16 in the Cotton Bowl.

To sum it all up. Although I was so excited to see our teams play each other. It's never fun to see your husband sad over a loss. Lets just say it was a bitter/sweet win!

Nov 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was definitely a new experience the year. Carsen and Chloe had a blast. We decided a few weeks back that they would be Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. Chloe has been a little obsessed with Tinker Bell lately and Carsen watches the movie over and over. He even asked if Preston could dress up as Captain Hook. It was a little to late to get a costume together but we dress up next year for sure. We started out the night by carving our pumpkins. I have to say this was my first time to carve a pumpkin by myself. It looked like a 2 year old did it (not cute at all). Travis took much pride in his pumpkin and of course Preston went over the top with his creation. It was a lot of family fun. Chloe and Carsen did not like the icky seeds and goo inside the pumpkins. So they weren't much help. After we placed our pumpkins on the front porch we headed off trick or treating. Carsen and his BFF Cole were the two cutest boys EVER!!!! They held hands as they went house to house with Chloe following right behind them. It was an awesome night. We finished the evening going over to my sister Myssy's house to share some candy. Im looking forward to many more Halloweens.

Family Pumkin Carving
Halloween 2011
On Saturday night Travis and I headed over to a neighbors for some Halloween fun of our own.

Nov 6, 2011

Chloe's Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party

I blinked and now she's 2.
Good times, good friends and good food. OOH... did I mention Elmo came by for a visit for his favorite girl Chloe? Heee did and Chloe was totally smitten. I think I hit the nail on the head for my precious little girl. Her party was AMAZING! We are truly blessed with so many family and friends who make our lives complete.

My awesome and talented sister Mary painted the "Street Scene" for photo ops.

We had sliders, hot dogs, veggie/dip cups, fruit skewers , cupcakes, and cookies.
Drink station and Chloe's invite

My mantel masterpiece. These pictures were carefully selected. They include milestones, vacations, blankie, razorbacks, first pic, and favorite friends.
Elmo cookies
The Chef at work!

Make a wish!!!
The youngest party member Benji and his mama Amy.
Coming soon... Gavin Brooks.
Kisses for Elmo!
Play group mommies with Elmo.
Is that Elmo in the Bounce House?
Night.. Night Elmo. Thanks for coming