Nov 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was definitely a new experience the year. Carsen and Chloe had a blast. We decided a few weeks back that they would be Tinker Bell and Peter Pan. Chloe has been a little obsessed with Tinker Bell lately and Carsen watches the movie over and over. He even asked if Preston could dress up as Captain Hook. It was a little to late to get a costume together but we dress up next year for sure. We started out the night by carving our pumpkins. I have to say this was my first time to carve a pumpkin by myself. It looked like a 2 year old did it (not cute at all). Travis took much pride in his pumpkin and of course Preston went over the top with his creation. It was a lot of family fun. Chloe and Carsen did not like the icky seeds and goo inside the pumpkins. So they weren't much help. After we placed our pumpkins on the front porch we headed off trick or treating. Carsen and his BFF Cole were the two cutest boys EVER!!!! They held hands as they went house to house with Chloe following right behind them. It was an awesome night. We finished the evening going over to my sister Myssy's house to share some candy. Im looking forward to many more Halloweens.

Family Pumkin Carving
Halloween 2011
On Saturday night Travis and I headed over to a neighbors for some Halloween fun of our own.

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Kelly and Ryan Walker said...

y'all look good in your costumes! And, the sesame street party looked awesome. You need to be a party planner.